WEFA and extrutec signed up for cooperation in North America

Cedar Springs/MI, USA, April 19, 2021 – Both WEFA and extrutec headquarters are located close to the Lake Constance in Southern Germany. The managing owners of the companies, Uwe Günter and Joachim Maier, know each other for a long time in the market and recently realized that interests and strategies for the market presence are very similar in both companies.

The WEFA group manufactures durable and nearly maintenance-free extrusion dies since 1972. The profiles produced with these dies are used in the automotive and construction industries as well as in field of electrical engineering, among others.

extrutec was founded by the managing partner, Uwe Günter, in 2005. The company, which operates on an international level, is mainly involved in the production of industrial plant systems for aluminum extrusion manufacturers.

Together both WEFA and extrutec are planning to develop a mutual philosophy in terms of temperature & die management in extrusion lines. Thus, the companies signed up an LOI to start cooperating in the North American market. This was done with the intention to provide high sophisticated combined solutions in terms of extrusion dies and temperature management in extrusion lines.
Both companies want to support each other developing technical advantages and servicing their products going forward. Shared services will be operating from Cedar Springs, MI, shall help to promote WEFA’s and extrutec’s products in the North American market.

The first announcement of this new cooperation was already presented during the latest AEC’s Take 5 presentation in March 2021.

About WEFA:
WEFA started in 1972 as a subsidiary of Alusuisse. After a change of ownership and strategic reorganization, the company specialized in the production of aluminum extrusion dies. These are used in the automotive and construction industries as well as in electrical engineering. With the development and patenting its own coating process, WEFA succeeded in emerging as the world market leader in the field of CVD-coated dies. Among the customers are not only leading aluminum groups but also innovative medium-sized extrusion plants. Today the company manufactures at five locations worldwide (Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and USA) and employs over 250 people, including approx. 130 employees at the headquarters in Singen.

About extrutec:
extutec GmbH, based in Moos at Lake Constance, is a leading global solution provider for heating, heat treatment and targeted cooling of metals for the Aluminum Extrusion Industry. The company, founded in 2005, initially focused on gas-fired rapid heating systems. With increasing expansion and internationalization, the product range has been steadily expanded. A major focus of extrutec GmbH was and is on product innovations and continuous further development. The newly developed inline oven, a hybrid heating system consisting of a gas oven with an downstream “In-line” connected induction oven, became a world patent in 2011. With the establishment of the business area for electrical furnaces and induction technology, extrutec has also been able to offer purely inductive heating processes for various metals since 2019. The total of around 40 employees are spread over the headquarters at Lake Constance and the subsidiary TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH in Iserlohn, which opened in 2021.


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