Applications & Selection Process

Applications & Selection Process

In this section you’ll find useful application advice and see how the overall application process at WEFA works. The most important information has been summarized for you in the FAQs. If you have any other questions, our HR team will be happy to assist you. Now you only have to choose one of our attractive job offerings.

Didn’t find the right position? Then just send us an unsolicited application. That means you send us an open application showing us why you want to work for WEFA and what your main qualifications are. As a fast-growing company, we often need to quickly create new positions to fulfil new tasks. Maybe one of these positions is right for you. If we have your application materials, we might just get in touch with you.

Your Path to WEFA


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Individual selection process


Welcome to the team

Welcome to the WEFA team
Please check our job openings or send us an open, unsolicited application!

Information & application tips

Cover letter

Your cover letter shows us that you understand what the position entails and why you’re the most qualified applicant. It is important to us that you write an original cover letter in your own voice. We really want to get to know you as a person. The following questions are meant to help you put together a strong and convincing cover letter:

  • What motivated you to apply for this position?
  • Why do you feel that you in particular are the right person for this job? Tell us about the concrete experience you’ve gathered and how this experience will help you in the new job.
  • What would say distinguishes you from the other applicants?
  • What qualifications do you bring to the table that can contribute to WEFA’s success in the future?
  • What most excites you about our company?

File formats and sizes

Cover letter, curriculum vitae and other files should not exceed 25 MB. The following file formats are allowed: PDF, jpeg, and jpg.

Curriculum vitae

The heart of the application is the curriculum vitae (CV), listing different categories in tabular form. This shows your previous professional path in an easy-to-read format. Your curriculum vitae should be no longer than two pages. The CV normally contains the following categories:

  • Personal data
  • Professional experience
  • Education (studies, apprenticeship and schooling)
  • Training and continuing education courses
  • Additional qualifications and skills

Certificates and verifications

You can also add certificates and verification documents to your application as long as they’re relevant to the position you’re applying for. You may include the following documents depending on the job:

  • Certificates from trainings, seminars and workshops
  • Verification of your language skills
  • Confirmation of your IT background
  • Certificate from studying or working abroad
  • Copy of your residency or work permit


Your diplomas and work references verify the information listed in the curriculum vitae. Please include the following documents in your digital application:

  • A diploma from your highest educational degree
  • University-level diplomas (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, German “Diplom”), if possible with transcript
  • Job references covering at least the last 10 years of your professional experience Also include a reference for a particularly relevant job that you had more than 10 years ago
  • If possible: include an interim reference from your current employer
  • For those applying for their first professional jobs: Internship certificates and evaluations

Personalities with a profile

Juan Correa
Technical drawer, longboard skier

Juan Correa
Technical drawer, longboard skier

Work-life balance for me means that I can stop working earlier once in a while and go to the lake. Or when my employer does something for my health (like an ergonomic working space or sports offerings). It’s the small things that really make me happy: an ice cream in summer or getting chocolate at Easter or Christmas. That makes a good impression – those who come here, stay here. Unless the employee is retiring, of course. If I were applying today, I would again start with WEFA.


Are there application deadlines?

No, as long as a position is listed on our website, you are welcome to apply. If you send us an unsolicited application, we recommend that you submit your application two to three months before your desired starting date. We need the time to compare your profile and qualifications with our needs.

Can I also apply by mail?

We only accept online applications. We therefore kindly request you only apply via our job openings or by sending your application to

What happens after I submit my application?

You will receive a confirmation of receipt via email after submitting your application. The next step is that we go through all of the documents together with the specialized department. This process takes somewhere between two and three weeks. Please be patient.

How long does the overall application process take?

It normally takes between four and eight weeks from our initial contact to the signing of the contract.

Who do I contact if I experience technical problems during the online application process?

For all technical issues, please get in touch with the corresponding contact person in our HR department. They will be happy to assist you!

How does WEFA handle applicants’ personal data?

WEFA will handle your data in a strictly confidential manner, according to the current technical standards and the provisions of the data protection laws. You can find a thorough description in our privacy statement.

What happens after I sign of the contract?

The basis for all success stories is a good start. For you can only fully express your talents, if you feel welcomed. That’s why we welcome all our new employees with open arms, so they will feel good at the company right from the start. During our onboarding program, you will get to know the company, the different department, as well as your new colleagues. You will be well prepared for your new job!

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