Family-Owned Business

Family-Owned Business

We carry on the tradition

WEFA was founded in 1972 as a subsidiary of Alusuisse and has been a family-owned business since 1986. In 1986, Bruno Maier, Dr. Georg von Schulthess and Dietrich H. Boesken acquired WEFA, which at that time was still a small company with its only production site in Singen, by way of a so-called "management buyout". After Dr. Schulthess left the company, the Maier and Boesken families divided the shares in WEFA and later merged them into family-owned companies, IBEMA GmbH & Co. KG and BOESKEN GmbH. This situation of equal distribution of ownership continues to this day. Bruno Maier, the company’s first plant manager, later became its managing director. His sons, Joachim and Oliver Maier, took over the management duties in the mid 2000s. Oliver Maier: “Our father had a major influence on die manufacturing in the extrusion industry. For him, there was no such thing as ‘that’s not possible’. He always found a solution.” The Maier brothers continue to live up to this standard. They’ve steered the company into new markets, set up collaborations with prestigious research institutes, and continue to regularly develop new technologies. They say: “We like to keep moving. The management team and our employees give their best each and every day - for our customers.”

What drives us – Our values

WEFA continually strives to achieve the highest customer satisfaction - while simultaneously aiming for carbon neutrality. How do we achieve this goal? By giving our best every day. Our positive company culture is embedded in a modern, sustainability-oriented work environment, all of which leads to high levels of engagement. We are a close-knit team in this family-run business, in which everyone is encouraged to help forge the processes within the company. Our team identifies with WEFA’s values and goals, and each member contributes to the company’s long-term success. 
We are all personally invested in the company’s values, which we live both within and outside the firm.

Customer-centered: We are a solution provider, much appreciated by our customers all around the world.
Pioneer spirit: We develop our business areas based on versatility.
Precision: We deliver the precision we promise.
We: Our committed employees make the difference in WEFA’s family-like, informal environment.

Dr. Joachim Maier
Entrepreneur, Strategist

Dr. Joachim Maier
Entrepreneur, Strategist

We are all connected by a common path and goal, regardless of the business area, department or segment. It’s easy to reach even ambitious goals by working together, being loyal, enjoying the task, setting high quality standards while mixing in an ample portion of kindness and humor. At the same time, mid-sized companies like us are often faster, more flexible, and more innovative than large companies. Because of our size, flat hierarchies are the norm at WEFA. And our employees are focused both on the product and our customers’ needs. We deal with future challenges by being a driver of innovation and guaranteeing our employees’ jobs. That’s why digitalization is more than just a buzzword in our company, and, at the same time, sustainability is also a key part of our company philosophy.

Our Vision

Our pioneer spirit and precision lead to your success.

Our vision arises from our values and our company culture. We include all business areas in the process of developing our vision - this is part of our everyday work at WEFA.

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