WEFA’s 50th Anniversary

WEFA’s 50th Anniversary

WEFA - Then and Now

WEFA was founded in 1972 as a subsidiary of Alusuisse and originally had nine employees in a single workshop. The company has since grown to become the global leader for coated extrusion dies with five locations and 300 employees around the world.

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1972 - 2022
  • 2022 2022

    WEFA is celebrating its 50th anniversary! Founded in 1972 in a small workshop with nine employees, WEFA has grown into a global company with five locations and 300 employees.

  • 2021 2021

    New partnership with extrutec GmbH:
    WEFA continues to expand in the North American market together with extrutec GmbH, a manufacturer of industrial equipment for the extrusion industry.

  • 2020 2020

    WEFA invests in medical technology start-up stimOS GmbH, developing new technologies and tapping into the medical technology market.

  • 2011-2019 2011-2019

    The WEFA group continues to grow. The Singen, Inotec, Cedar, Swiss and Bohemia sites are expanded and quickly generate a significantly higher turnover. During this time, the number of employees continues to increase.

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